Andre Forde, Co-founder

Mr. Forde has been a pioneer in the Internet industry developing interactive multimedia applications for IBM, AT&T, MCI, NASA, and various other Fortune 500 companies since 1988. He has developed a highly evolved capacity to translate business concepts into elegant, attractively designed and effective Internet products.

Mr. Forde has created and operated numerous Internet businesses that have been proven in the competitive marketplace. These include:

• ImageCafé (Founder), Forde’s pioneering first generation homepage builder, currently generates 500 to 600 e-commerce web sites per day at www.imagecafe. com. This product provided more features than competitive offerings and provided end-users with the ability to create remarkable, professional-quality web sites in minutes for a very low cost. His company was acquired by Network Solutions, Inc., (NSI) a VeriSign, Inc. company (NASDAQ: VRSN), in Nov. 1999 for $25 million dollars).

• Personal Portals Online (Co-Founder), one of the first social networking companies established in January 2001, launched its first product, HotHomepages, a personal website builder and social network. This was followed by various private label solutions of the product for numerous organizations globally. Mr. Forde facilitated offshore development of PPO’s products in Bangalore & Chennai, India and Belarus, Russia. Personal Portals’ name changed to Global Portals Online, Inc. to best reflect the company’s international depth. Utilizing these resources, the PPO product base has expanded to target cottage industry merchants seeking a simple, low-cost means of setting up their online storefront and professional service firms seeking distinctive brochure websites. Global Portals Online, Inc. was successfully merged with 110 Media Group in December of 2005 and is in the process of launching a number of new products.

• IBM Corporation - Provided technical and marketing support for IBM’s Application Solutions Marketing Initiative. Responsible for marketing and promoting IBM Solution Seminars and Product Training to IBM Business Partners and mainframe customers on a national level. Also provided independent multimedia design and consulting services to IBM’s Multimedia Division.
Mr. Forde attended Morgan State University in Baltimore and was sponsored by NASA to study Electrical Engineering, but found the profession didn’t allow him to be artistically creative. He changed his major to Mass Communications so he could hone his abilities in interactive design and communications, and balanced his creative abilities with a minor in Physics and Math.  

Scott Broomfield,

Scott Broomfield hails from upstate New York, and has been an executive in the telemarketing industry for 14 years. He controlled and managed all operations for a successful telecommunications agency for AT&T with over $600 million in annual sales.
He introduced the first cellular phone platforms in the country during his time with Advantage Cellular from 1991 to 1995, and was the top sales person in the company for multiple months.

Mr. Broomfield’s extensive sales and management experience also includes:

• Solutions Wireless (2002-current), a wireless company franchise for AT&T with $24 million in revenues, which he co-founded. Solutions Wireless has been rated the number one reseller in central Florida for seven years in a row.

• Simply Cellular (1997-2002), a business-to-business cellular sales exclusive authorized agent of BellSouth mobility (later Cingular Wireless/AT&T). Mr. Broomfield was contracted by AT&T to service all Disney locations and support 55,000 employees.

• Ten years of call center experience and seven years in the paging business including technical and sales.

• Four years as President of a 15 fleet limousine company with six full time staff. Mr. Broomfield graduated with a degree in electronics. He was very successful in team leadership and motivational speaking and was a top sales person in two companies in his youth. He studied graphic design in Philadelphia , and worked on ad campaign presentations to Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper.
In 2009, he co-founded PG Entertainment, LLC and serves as COO.

Jason Birkett, Co-founder

Florida native Jason Birkett has 14 years experience starting , growing and managing highly successful, multi-million dollar marketing companies. His current and previous ventures include:

• Simply Cellular (1996-2001) specialized in business-to-business cellular sales as an exclusive authorized agent of BellSouth mobility (later Cingular Wireless/AT&T). Mr. Birkett performed outside B-to-B sales and built relationships with major companies including Disney, Universal Studios and Lockheed Martin. He trained and managed a sales crew of over 100 reps for outside B-to-B sales.

• Solutions Wireless (2002-present), co-founded by Mr. Birkett, is a wireless company franchise for AT&T. From an initial investment of $250,000, Mr. Birkett has grown the company to over $24 million in gross revenues. He manages all facets of the business including sales, staffing, accounting, management and operations.

• Global Concepts of America (2005-2009), a marketing company, was co-founded by Mr. Birkett with over $1 million in start-up funding. GCA built systems and platforms which produced over $25 million in annual gross sales. Mr. Birkett was responsible for obtaining and creating marketing products and opportunities for large companies to support their marketing needs and grow their company. He handled major accounts and staffing, including training, customer service and new client acquisition. He also oversaw the creation of marketing platforms to distribute the source of advertising and the development of CRM and other platforms to help run the company.

• National Wireless Solutions (2005-2006), a telecommunications marketing agency for Spring PCS, was co-founded by Mr. Birkett with an initial start-up cost of $1.2 million. After only 60 days in operation, NWS exceeded Sprint PCS’ largest reseller (Radio Shack), and grew to annual gross sales of $20 million. Mr. Birkett handled all aspects of the business and oversaw all operations including marketing strategies, hiring, training, process flows, implementation of policies, customer service department, funding and merchant processing.

• World Wide Vacation Centre (2005 – 2007), was co-founded by Mr. Birkett with initial start-up funds of $300,000. The company was responsible for sales and marketing of resort bookings for Ramada resorts. Mr. Birkett’s responsibilities included sales, marketing, customer service, customer retention and satisfaction. He also managed over 300 employees and oversaw sales, marketing, company formation, customer service, and relations with Ramada resorts.