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We offer unique customizable products that will allow wireless carriers and service providers to capture additional revenue on existing customers and subscribers.  Using the same technology and customization of our current platforms, we have created a specialized program which allows us to expand our product reach with wireless carriers and service providers. The products and applications can be used to enhance an already proven carrier revenue model (e.g. ringback tones), with additional features which includes customized and personalized messaging. Some of the additional features and attributes can include content from top film, TV, music, and sports personalities.

Using our valuable service to create a monetized custom connection between fans, celebrities and characters, truly makes our company a valuable partner for all Wireless Service Providers.

Customer Service

1-888-556-2618 (Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm)

Our Mission
To create and provide a platform that will enable people to give and receive greetings and messages that express their emotions in a very personalized and innovative way that is also environmentally friendly.