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Q. How do I know if my call was received?
A. You can login to you account and look under my account information. This will not only provide you with the call status but will allow you to listen to the call that was sent as well as the ability to resend the call.

Q. What happens if I send a call to voicemail but the recipient has not set up their voicemail?
A. If you send a call to voicemail and the recipient has not set up their voicemail you may have to resend the call in a different manner. You can resend it as a live call to the same phone again through the resend tool in your account page or you can choose another phone number to send the call.

Q. If I send a live call and the person does not pick up the phone what happens?
A. If you send a live call to a cell phone and someone does not pick up the phone it will default the call to the persons voice mail. If you are sending a live call to a home phone the call may not get completed based on landline technology. Some home phones do not have answering machines and some have older technology such as analog answering machines this may present the call from getting completed. If this happens we suggest you resend the call to a mobile phone or use the email component that is offered. The email component will allow you to send the call to an email where the recipient can click on a link and listen to the call or even download it.

Q. Is the delivery of the call 100% guaranteed?
A. Although our technology is successful almost all of the time, there is not a 100% guarantee it will get delivered. Unfortunately there is a lot involved with this technology and we are subject to a lot of variables, from carrier issue to recipients not setting up their voicemail box and more. We suggest you utilize the tools provided to find alternative options if your call is not delivered (sending to different phone, send to email, post on Facebook wall, etc.)


Q. If I send a live call and the person accidently hangs up or gets disconnected can I resend the call?
A. Yes if for any reason the recipient did not get the message in its entirety or the call was disconnected the sender can resend the call again in any manner they choose (live, voice mail, different phone number as well as email at no additional charge. The sender can send the call 3 additional times at no additional charge.

Q. What happens if I send a call to an incorrect number?
A. We do have mechanisms in place to prevent invalid numbers, however we cannot control if the sender accidently mistypes a phone number but the resend option in the account section can be used to resend the call to the correct phone number.


Q. What courtiers can theses calls are sent?
A. Currently calls can be placed to the United States and Canada as well as UK; however we are looking to expand the territory in the near future. However the ability to send calls to the United States, Canada and the UK does not prevent users from other countries sending calls to a phone number in the United States, Canada or UK, this only limits calls placed to countries other than US, Canada and UK.


Q. What happens if the name of my recipient is not listed?

A. We currently have between 2000-6000 names depending on the product. If the name you are looking for is not listed there are some alternatives like, “buddy,” “pal,” and “friend,” that you can use if your recipient has a unique name. All names listed have been professionally recorded and we add names as necessary to improve our site. We also have a name suggestion box available which we will take suggestions and update periodically .We will do our best to add your name as soon as possible.
Q. How many times can I resend a call?
A. you are able to resend a call up to three times if the call does not go through. Go to your account and click on the resend option. You also have the option to change the phone number and delivery method (voicemail or live).

Q. can I edit my call before it is sent?
A. In the purchase process we have built our system to allow customer to modify the information once more before completing the purchase. This section also allows the consumer to preview the message by listening once more before they purchase.

Q. How do I listen to a message before sending it?
A. there is two ways to listen to a message before it is sent. The first way is to click the preview button on the bottom of any message creation page, and the second way is in the shopping cart area which allows one more chance before the purchase.

Q. Why do I hear a beep song in the preview will this also be in the call?
A. The beep sound a protective action placed in the greeting which prevents any pirating issues with our products. This sound will not be included in the quality of the message sent to recipient or emailed.

Q. What if I want to send a Phone Greeting to someone who does not have a phone?
A. We do have other options available including sending the recipient an email or posting it on their Facebook wall.

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Our Mission
To create and provide a platform that will enable people to give and receive greetings and messages that express their emotions in a very personalized and innovative way that is also environmentally friendly.