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Everyone loves being rewarded.  In recognition of this fact, we have developed one of the top reward programs in the world to assist you in giving your corporate team the motivation, inspiration and rewards they crave.  

Replacing or supplementing your company incentive package with PhoneGreetings.com customer loyalty programs gives you the freedom to design a custom program that keeps your company objectives and goals firmly in mind. This is accomplished while having the support of a team with a proven track record of helping our clients improve their bottom line with custom designed motivational and incentive programs.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs
Restaurant Rewards is a proven incentive program developed by PhoneGreetings.com Loyalty Program Services. Clients who make use of the program consistently and predictably produce $20 - $30 value for every $1 invested in advertising their products and services. They also find that their patrons visit 2.3 times more often and spend 4.69 times as much money on purchases.  All of these numbers are verifiable statistics that do one thing; THEY PROVE RESULTS!

With the Restaurant Rewards Program, your customers will visit your restaurant more often and they will spread the word to their friends.  This creates a hefty advantage over your competitors.  Even small restaurants can compete with multinational chains using PhoneGreetings.com programs!

Our programs are simple to run.  In most cases, they are a virtually hands-free operation that is GUARANTEED to launch your restaurant's sales and profits into an upward climb.  Contact us and you will find that there is no other service like our Restaurant Rewards Program!

PhoneGreetings.com Rewards Team has extensive time and experience perfecting this program.  It is designed for national and Independent Restaurant Owners who want to build an additional  $10,000 to $500,000 per month or more in sales for their existing business without spending extra hours or dealing with the stress of managing their own promotions.
Business Loyalty Programs
Customer retention is a very important part of successful businesses.  Research shows that companies will spend five to seven times more money finding a new customer than they would spend in retaining an existing one. With these numbers as evidence, every dollar your company spends on marketing products to your current customers, will return 500%  more profit than the same dollar amount spent on finding new customers for your product or service.

Realizing how important customer retention is, it is easy to see that marketing to existing customers needs to be as effective as possible.   The proven customer retention generated through our reach out programs often see better than a 90% response rate than similar direct mail campaigns.

When the average customers are members of a loyalty program, the statistics prove that they patronize the business twice as often, and spend four times as much money on purchases while in the store.

While nearly every business has some sort of customer loyalty program, most of them spend a lot more time working on the program than is necessary.  With PhoneGreetings.com Reward program, we will take the work out of customer loyalty programs and increase the frequency of their visit.  The amount of money spent in your business will also increase. An additional benefit will be that you can spend more time focusing on running your business.
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