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Phonegreetings.com is a custom, innovative way to bring unique animated characters and celebrity content directly into your home with the simple click of a button! Our website was created with one goal in mind; to bring a revolutionary product to the greeting card industry for people of all ages to share and enjoy with friends and family across the globe. The collaboration of creative minds, brilliant engineers, professional studio editing and voice talent allowed our idea to become reality.

We not only wanted to bring a great product to the market that sparked imagination among all its users, but be able to deliver this creative, personalized message  in a very unique fashion. With the platform that we’ve created the possibilities for media companies to benefit from our partnership is vast. Due to the nature of our content, and our delivery model, our site appeals to an almost infinite audience, therefore optimizing your target audience.  We can customize a very personal or broad campaign in order to suit your specific needs.

We have previously worked with radio stations, entertainment and music companies. These success stories have proven that fans want to feel closer to celebrities. Personalization makes that happen. With personalization as part of your campaigns you will see consistent results. No matter if your current campaign is a short term marketing campaign designed to build interest in an upcoming release or street dates, personalization will allow your consumers to feel much more like an individual which will promote loyalty toward your company.  This will provide long term revenue streams as well as promote future fans.

Customer Service

1-888-556-2618 (Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm)

Our Mission
To create and provide a platform that will enable people to give and receive greetings and messages that express their emotions in a very personalized and innovative way that is also environmentally friendly.