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PhoneGreetings Gift Services

Many Fortune 500 companies have come to understand that investing money in "Thank You" gift programs, such as our PhoneGreetings.com Gift Services can pay out big dividends over the years. We can build a program for any local or national retail organization. We also have a variety of campaigns to personalize your customers experience within your retail environment. For example, a campaign in which customers who make a minimum purchase are given the opportunity to send a celebrity phone call to anyone they choose for free. Our previous experience with this version of a thank you programs has proven to be a valuable campaign model that increases sales. This is just one example of our promotion designs. We will utilize our unique delivery method and custom personalized content to increase our client's profits using unique and innovative Gift With Purchase programs. We can do the same thing for your company by creating a promotion that is customized to your needs.

Grand Openings

Customers love to see new growth and promoting your businesses grand openings and retail expansions is a great way to build concrete relationships with your franchise partners, while demonstrating appreciation to your customers, employees and affiliates who have helped you achieve this new level of success. PhoneGreetings.com Gift Services has developed a truly amazing program for the celebration of grand openings and company expansions. When you utilize one of our distinctive gift programs, you display a sincere interest in your new customers and you make your new team members feel welcome as part of your corporate family. This sense of belonging creates a powerful sense of loyalty among your customers and team members.

At PhoneGreetings.com Gift Services, we custom tailor our grand opening packages to your needs. Your company can welcome new customers or team members with gifts including spectacular celebrity phone calls, song cards and character calls with custom and personalized content. Successful companies understand the value of grand opening packages from PhoneGreetings.com Gift Services. These promotions are investments, not an expense. Investing in your business is one of the best moves you can make and this investment is one that will yield amazing results. When you're ready to learn more about helping your business succeed, contact one of our trained Account Managers to see how we can help.


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Our Mission
To create and provide a platform that will enable people to give and receive greetings and messages that express their emotions in a very personalized and innovative way that is also environmentally friendly.